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Parenting an adolescent or teen who is angry, frustrated, emotional?

Do you find yourself afraid to say no because of how your kid may react? You’ve tried all the coping skills and they aren’t working or they won’t even try! You feel like you’re stuck, held hostage in your own home, planning every move around their mood that day. You just want your family back!

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You don't have to live like this!

  • You just want your kid to have someone to talk to, since you don’t know how to talk to them anymore and they won’t tell you how they’re feeling.
  • You are willing to do anything to make them feel better!
  • You feel guilty and you are starting to wonder if you are doing something wrong.
  • You’re stressed, anxious, tired, depressed and confused even angry!

I hear these same things from so many other parents, does it sound like you too?

You’re not alone! At ARO Therapy I can help!

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My goal at ARO Therapy is to work as a team to find real, long term solutions and healing. We wont just bandaid the problem with more coping skills, we will use a “bottom up” approach to therapy to figure out what’s really going on and how to move forward as a team.
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You and your family can feel whole again!

Together at ARO Therapy we will:

  • Build back your relationships and stop walking on egg shells around each other.
  • Learn to communicate in a productive way that helps everyone feel better.
  • Understand the emotions behind the behaviors and heal the real issues.

I will be your guide on this self-healing journey and hold a sacred space where all emotions and feelings are welcome. We will work together to make sure we are working toward YOUR goals with a unique plan that fits YOUR needs.


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