Hi, I'm Alisha. Psychotherapist, mom, dog lover, student of life, and owner of ARO Therapy.

I am here to help you achieve your goals.
Alisha Olson ARO Therapy
Alisha Olson ARO Therapy

About me

I believe everyone has a purpose and can find meaning in their life. I love being able to watch that journey as you really begin to learn in to who you are, and embrace all your beautiful quirks, and strengths. I value relationships and rely heavily on them during therapy, I'm a teammate, a guide, and a cheerleader for my people. If you forget how awesome you did, or what you said that was perfect, l will be the first person to remind you. If you're feeling anxious, conflicted, sad, or stressed, I'm here to help you unravel that web and feel better. To me, communication is everything, even the hard but gentle truth delivered with care, is better than disingenuous compliments, I want to see my people flourish, become empowered, and find strength in living their truest most authentic selves, even through all the dark and twisty turns. I don't want you to see the light, I want you to shine your own.

My experience and expertise

The reason I love what I do so much is because I spent years on my own journey to self discovery and healing. I have worked with numerous families from all over the world, Romania to Jordan, and had the opportunity to learn and absorb their unique wisdom. No family, individual, or child is the same, and every perspective, and interpretation of life is different. Your view of life, what you want, what you need, and what your values, and beliefs are, are all I care about at this moment. Not mine, not your neighbor's, yours. I have taken all that I've learned and channeled it into my work as a therapist in hopes that we can work together to bring you through hard times and moments of turmoil to the other side where you feel truly and authentically happy.

Alisha Olson ARO Therapy

I have experience helping people through all kinds of issues. Some unique experiences I have are working with children and parents. know how hard it is to be a parent (I'm one too) and how you can become down on yourself because you "don't know what to do anymore" or your just plain exhausted and feel guilty about it.
Parenting can bring on loads of anxiety and even make us depressed. Sometimes we lose ourselves completely when we are trying to give 100% to our children and our partner and our relationships suffer. I hear you, and I see you. We can work together and fix this. More than that I want to make sure you are taking care of you because you are the catalyst by which all good things will come to those you love and care for.

Because I have been so blessed with experiences working with refugee and immigrant populations abroad as an expat, I have a special place in my practice for those communities. What a rollercoaster of emotions we can go through when we are out of our cultural roots and thrust into a society that doesn't quite fit with how we have been taught to view into the world. Whether you're struggling with issues of acclimation, or balancing your values with those of the society around you. Trying to figure out where you fit it, or stop crying over the people you feel like you left behind. I can help. I know what you are going through, and the depth of that pain. You feel one way, you look another, and everyone is telling you you are something, someone else. How do you manage it all? Where do you begin? How can you just live authentically yourself and not feel like you have to change to be you. How do you do that without isolating yourself? It's a lot. We can untangle this together and find your truest self and set them free, give confidence, and help heal and reconcile with the pain, hurt, worry and stress. It starts here, another journey, but this one is different, it’s important, it's for you.

My world

I, like many of you, am navigating these crazy waters while being a full-time working professional, wife, sister, daughter, and mom to my beautiful baby and 2 sassy pups (that are very much my children too). It's hard, right? Society tells us we have to be perfect at everything, but reality is most days I'm almost perfect at one thing, if I'm lucky. I have decided what's important to me and lean on my values and beliefs to bring myself joy, day in and day out. It's not always easy, but I remind myself to stay positive and be grateful, and I am so grateful for being able to do the work I love. One way I contribute to my happiness and fulfillment is by traveling. My family and I are avid world travelers and you can often find us jet setting to strange destinations, pitching a tent, washing our clothes in a sink, or eating food I can't pronounce the name of. It keeps me grounded and reminds me that life is the little moments, the journey is the experience, and the destination is the goal. Similar to how I am as a therapist, I am always looking for the moments in your journey that can change your life.
Alisha Olson ARO Therapy

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