My Specialities

Children and Parents

My background is in working with children and Parents. You are the expert of your child so I believe your child's success depends on a team effort between all of us. Communication, trust, and understanding, will help give your child the tools they need to be successful at home, school and in their social life. As parents there can be a lot we have to deal with that doesn't involve our children directly, and sometimes therapy needs to center on just you and what you're dealing with as a parent. Whether you have some anxiety or depression, dealing with past trauma that's hindering your ability to be a present parent. Maybe you're just damn tired and need to re-prioritize yourself and your individuality. I see you. You need a space to process and I can provide that for you.

Immigrants, Refugees, and Expats

My heart has a special place for you, my fellow wanderer's. What strength you have to make a home where you land. I know you're tired, the journey is hard. Trying to figure out where you belong and how to fit into a new culture and society can make us feel isolated, confused, and scared. Maybe you don't feel able to be your truest self because you are afraid you wont fit in, or that you'll be accepted. Are you struggling with how to fit your old world in with your new one? Your journey is unique, and so are your struggles. Therapy is a way to help you uncover the parts that are holding you back and dealing with the anxiety, stress, sadness, fear that is always on your mind. We can build boundaries where they are needed, and tear down some walls that are holding you back. I want you to feel confident, accepted and happy with where you are in your journey.